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Flu Busters

Is it just me or do flu bugs get worse every season?!! Once you have succumbed to germs it can be mighty hard to win the fight. Here are a few ideas to keep the germs at bay. Be sure to check out my flu fighting tips from last season and my flu busting drink too!

Tea tree oil is an excellent anti microbial. Add a few drops to your humidifier to clean the air. If you don’t have a humidifier simply boil some water in a pot, remove from heat and add a few drops of the oil, allowing the steam to disperse it. Put a drop or two on a clean cloth and use it to wipe down germy surfaces (your phone, tv remote, tap etc.)

Add a little dried ginger to your hot bath to promote sweating and detoxification. Remember that having a fever is a good thing, provided it doesn’t get too high. The body raises its temperature in order to kill off all the bad guys. Be sure you drink lots of room temperature water to stay hydrated!

Fluids are your friend! If water is getting boring try using an electrolyte powder, lemon or cucumber slices.

Frozen fruit smoothies are much better than ice cream for your sore throat. (Sugar shuts down your immune system and dairy is mucous forming). A Salt water gargle does wonders for a sore throat too.

Soup really does work magic! Chicken or vegetable broth (preferably homemade) contains a load of restorative and strengthening minerals.  

Use a Neti pot to clear out mucous from the sinuses and prevent infection. If you are severely congested use a steam bath to loosen mucous (hang your head over a bowl of hot steaming water, using a towel to create a tent).

Place a pillow under your mattress to gently prop yourself up if you have chest or nasal congestion.

Magnesium whether it be in the form of epsom salts or supplements will ease muscle aches, bronchial spasms and help you sleep.


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