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Love Your Food!

Food for thought

We talk about nutrient density of food. We talk calories, macronutrients, micronutrients. We talk portion size and weight loss. We talk about how foods fuel the body. What about fuelling the soul? Does your food make you feel good? Do you feel good about your food? What motivates you to eat or not eat? Do you value your food? Do you value your body? Do you eat to prevent, protect or promote? Are you positively or negatively motivated when choosing your food? Do you avoid thinking about food or do thoughts of food consume you?

The energy provided by food goes beyond caloric value, vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals. Food has great power. Food can feed our moods, our thoughts, our self perception, our friends, our demons. Food can create identity. Food can create fun. Food can create fear.

What interferes with your ability to enjoy food? What improves or enhances your eating experiences?

How would you characterize your relationship with food?

Nutrition, like life, is a continuous experiment. There is no sure answer. No one perfect solution. Nutrition is as much about the none physical as it is the physical. To nourish the body the soul must also be nourished. This philosophy is not new to most of us but it is worth restating and revisiting. I encourage you to really consider the questions above and the sentiments below.

Appreciate your body. Nourish it with healthy thoughts and wholesome foods. Feed it with enthusiasm and love. Fuel it with quality nutrients. Know yourself. Know your food. Eat everyday with intention and confidence. Savour the meals you create. Share the foods you love. Make time. Take time. Enjoy every minute!

Yours truly,


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