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September will always mark a new year for me. School or no school it’s about fresh starts, establishing beneficial routines and getting into gear! And fall fashion and new stationary, of course! This September bring back the snack! Check out this post for some awesome snacking ideas and read on for a reminder of why healthy snacking is so important.

While travelling with a dear friend of mine last summer I was introduced to the BEST WORD EVER! It’s the best because it is so apt. I’m talking about being HANGRY people. You know what I’m talking about, we’ve all been there. Hunger transforms quickly  into anger, irritability, and irrationality. Recognizing a “fit” for what it actually is, hunger, and promptly addressing it with a good quality, balanced snack is key not only to your happiness but to the happiness of those around you! No need to lose your cool on the subway ride home or meltdown in the middle of your workday! And a word to the wise, if you want to keep your friends, always pack snacks when you travel!

In nutritionist speak a “fit” is a hypoglycemic episode. When the body isn’t properly fuelled and blood sugar levels dip too low the adrenal glands pump out adrenaline in an attempt to balance glucose (sugar) levels. This stress response is exhausting to the body and causes a number of symptoms, including adrenal fatigue and becoming hangry! It is worth noting that reactive hypoglycemia, whereby refined carbohydrate intake causes blood sugar imbalance, is also common. In this scenario blood sugar is first spiked and then (because of  excessive insulin secretion) drops too low. This is why coffee and a donut does not make a healthy snack!

In both scenarios a well balanced snack including complex carbohydrates, healthy fats and quality protein is your best bet. 

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