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So You’ve HIT THE WALL…Now What?!

Nothing like real life to motivate and inspire, huh? There are all sorts of potential blog posts adrift in my ever-wandering mind but usually it’s the immediate present that tops my must-cover list. Take today for example; it started out well enough – good mood, good energy. Then, sometime after lunch and before home time, that proverbial wall smacked me right in the face! What do you mean I can’t go home yet?! What do you mean I can’t take a nap?! Your body screams “Help!” and hopefully your brain, knowing better, gives the cookie and coffee fantasy a second thought.

So what do you do when you’re experiencing an energy crash? First off, what got you there in the first place?

Have you been sitting all day? GET UP! Go get some water or visit the loo. Better yet, walk outside! If you can’t leave your desk at least do a stretch or two.

Are you super stressed? You need some adrenal support and a magnesium fix! Try a seaweed snack or a raw cacao treat. Magnesium calms the nervous system and relaxes muscles.

Brain fog? Try a peppermint tea for a wake up call! (Also consider the next 2 points…)

Have you eaten lately? Have some protein – a hard boiled egg, some pumpkin seeds, a bean salad, hummus and veggies or the lunch you skipped!

Dehydrated? The answer is probably yes! Have some (room temperature) water, an herbal tea or coconut water. Coconut water is an excellent source of electrolytes. Look for the natural stuff (not from concentrate) with no added sugar. It might curb that sweet tooth too!

Didn’t get enough sleep and need a boost? While it’s not the ideal solution, sometimes a little caffeine can’t be helped (I’m being realistic here for all you addicts out there!). Try a green tea or decaf americano (make sure it’s quality swiss water decaf). Decaf espresso has about the same amount of caffeine as green tea so you’ll still get a bit of a kick. Or enjoy a piece of good quality dark chocolate or a raw chocolate drink. BEWARE! Caffeine may have caused your energy crash in the first place (by burning out your adrenals and triggering reactive hypoglycemia).

Most importantly, be kind to yourself! Goofy cartoons aside, life is not a race. You can and will get over that wall! And if all else fails, get some rest tonight and know that tomorrow is a brand new day!

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