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Summer Simplicity – Minty Peas

I LOVE peas. Especially ones that I can pick fresh from my parent’s garden. Shelling and eating them right on the spot makes me pretty happy. But if you have the patience gently boiling them brings out their sweetness. They need no help whatsoever but do pair very nicely with mint. Having discovered my dad’s mint plant I had to give it a go. Dad and I sat down to Star Trek (the 2009 movie we’ve seen a zillion times!) with peas, steamed spinach and a juicy steak. Now THAT’s a TV dinner!

Minty Peas

fresh peas, shelled
fresh mint, rolled and cut into fine strips (chiffonade)
sea salt + freshly ground black pepper

Shell peas and toss in boiling water for a few minutes until tender but not overdone. Drain and toss with mint while steaming hot. Season with salt and pepper and revel in the taste of summer!

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This entry was posted on July 18, 2012 by in Savoury Recipes.
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