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Move over Mr. Clean!

It’s all good til you’ve got to do the dishes! I’m a bit of an overachiever when it comes to kitchen experiments. Sure, I can make 3 different things and dinner at the same time, no problem! Oh wait…who’s doing the clean up?

Here’s a cool tip next time you’re on kitchen duty. Don’t bother with all those chemically cleaners – they’re bad for the environment and YOU! Use a lemon instead. Next time you squeeze a lemon, don’t throw it out! Save it and rub it all over your sink. It’ll come out sparkling clean.  Neglected your sink for a while? Add a little baking soda for a tougher clean. You can also rub a lemon with some salt on your wooden cutting boards for some disinfecting action.

I’m telling ya, it’s brilliant! Not to mention cheap!

2 comments on “Move over Mr. Clean!

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