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Fight the Flu, and win!

It’s cold and flu season people! Every winter we enter an epic battle with all those germs lingering about and too many of us end up in bed. Granted, sometimes that a good thing. Sometimes getting sick is a blessing in disguise – your body telling you to REST! But ultimately getting sick is a pain in the butt! It’s annoying and discouraging. So, here’s a few of my favourite flu fighting tactics for ya.

Stay strong and keep well!

  • REST! It has too be on the list. I know, it’s not always practical but then again neither is getting sick! Get to bed at a decent time and do your best not to over-stress your body
  • De-stress. Stress (emotional, physical, dietary) burns out the adrenals and suppresses your immune system. *More on adrenals coming soon*
  • Stay away from sugar. Sugar will suppress your immune system giving those germs a leg up. When we feel a cold coming on the first thing we tend to crave is sweets.  Next time you go for the Swedish Berries try raw honey or fruit instead.
  • Go green! Eat as many green veggies as possible to alkalize the system. Germs like acidity, don’t give it to them!
  • Ramp up the Vitamin C and D
  • Explore your herbal options. Whether it’s adding loads of garlic to your dishes, or perusing the herbal tincture section at your local health food store get nature on your side!
  • Concoct a soothing and antibacterial drink or sip on herbal teas – stay hydrated!
  • Sweat it out. Soak in a hot bath with dried ginger or make a foot bath with sea salt and cayenne. Extremely high fevers can be dangerous but a bit of a fever is a good thing – our body heats up to kill pathogens.
  • Keep moving. A breath of fresh air, even if it’s once around the block will do wonders for your mood. Even if you’re housebound try to get up and move a bit to keep your lymphatic system going and avoid stagnation of toxins.
  • Try to stay positive. Happy thoughts encourage a healthy body.

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