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Finding the right cookbook is like dating

I was recently asked to recommend “a super-amazing out of this world.. oh my god my mind is blown – cookbook of awesomeness.” So I got to thinking…

Finding the right cookbook is like finding the right partner.

You’ve got to do a little hunting. A little reconnaissance and experimentation to see which one fits. What mood are you in? Are you high or low maintenance? Do you want a quick fix or are you willing to spend a whole Sunday simmering. Are you searching for comfort or something exotic? Perhaps you need some sweetness in your life. Or maybe a little spice? Are you looking for a romantic escape to Tuscany or a wander through Provence? Perhaps what you crave is a cozy day in drizzly London? Sometimes you’ve got to get back to basics – technique is important 😉 And of course a little challenge never hurt anyone. Your health and practicality should be taken into consideration. But fun is a must. Somedays we need to be spoiled. We need a companion for entertaining and one for day to day living. Perhaps a radical thinker too. And then there’s always the option of going solo. Jumping in without a recipe and seeing what happens.

And so you see…there are endless questions to be answered. And our priorities change.  Dates get spoiled, so does milk. But oh how delightful it is to relish in that perfect fit…I mean meal…

Happy hunting!

One comment on “Finding the right cookbook is like dating

  1. AD
    December 2, 2011

    Hee hee.. great blog Kate! 🙂

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