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Ginger Chocolate Cookie Goodness

Even the most health conscious among us are entitled to the occasional cookie.  It is holiday season after all!  I discovered this recipe last week when I was searching for a reason to try out sucanat. Sucanat is pure cane juice dehydrated. It is a more natural version of the  white refined sugar we are all accustomed to. I really like its molassey flavour. And because it hasn’t been refined the mineral content remains (no, I’m not suggesting sugar is a health food!)

These babies have THREE types of ginger in them and chocolate chunks (so much better than chips!) I like using dark chocolate to keep the cookies dairy free. Try 70 or 85%. These cookies also contain coconut oil which is great for energy and hormone balancing and is a much healthier alternative to canola oil.  I’ve tried them with egg and ground flax and both work. I’ve also experimented with the flour.  It’s a super simple recipe so get creative. What’s the worst that can happen – more test testing? Sounds good to me!

Who says baking isn’t exercise? Shake your booty to some tunes. Might I suggest a little local talent… Dust on my Collar will definitely get you moving!


My Version:

  • Add crystallized ginger, chopped
  • Use millet or sorghum flour instead of buckwheat for a lighter flavour
  • Use 1 tbsp ground flaxseed + 3 tbsp water OR an egg

One comment on “Ginger Chocolate Cookie Goodness

  1. Kim
    December 3, 2011

    this sounds like an excellent ‘welcome home kim!’ desert for your long lost friend…just saying;)

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