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It’s easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to healthy snackage.  After school/work snacks can prove particularly difficult. You come home from a taxing day and it is all too tempting to open a bag of chips or relish in the comfort of tea and cookies. These things might hold you over ’til dinner but they aren’t going to provide you with the nutrients your body is craving. You know this, so you reach for the…veggies and hummus…again! Boring! Make life interesting. Try a few of these alternatives:

  • Carrots and sunflower seed or almond butter
  • Celery with hemp seed or almond butter and raisins (turtles on a log anyone?)
  • Healthy crackers with roasted beet hummus or lentil dip
  • Cucumber and goat cheese “sandwiches” (use avocado for vegan option)
  • Lettuce and smoked salmon roll ups (fancy, I know,  but you could use any leftover chicken, steak, tuna, beans etc. you might have in the fridge)
  • Apples and trail mix (try making your own)
  • Leftover almond meal pancake with yogurt or apple sauce
  • Hemp or almond milk rooibos chai latte (naturally caffeine free)
  • Bean chips and guacamole
  • Chia and berry pudding with cinnamon

Happy snacking!

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