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Zucchinis, Tomatoes, Squash Oh My!

I am delighted to report that my parent’s attempt at an organic vegetable garden worked! In fact, it has been so successful that we’re scrambling to make use of all of its bounty. Earlier this summer I was the lucky recipient of homegrown beets, kale, swiss chard, arugula, and romaine.  I came home this weekend with enough zucchini to feed an army, as well as squash, peas, more swiss chard (yeah!), carrots, onions, cucumbers, and tomatoes. Millions of tomatoes! As I stood in the sunshine trimming off glorious bunches of the sweet and juicy toms I couldn’t help but think about how expensive they are in the store. Gotta love grocery shopping in mom and pop’s back yard when you’re a penny pinching student!!

Naturally I got excited about all the cooking opportunities my fridge full of veg presented. So I flipped through cookbooks and scanned the internet and got busy in the kitchen (slightly crazy considering the heat today but that’s me, can’t help myself!)

First I made a tomato sauce. Simple and useful to have in the freezer. Obviously great with pasta but also a good partner to beans, quinoa, or fish.

Then I made a Curried Squash and Red Lentil Soup which turned out very nicely. As a source of protein, the lentils take this soup from a vegetable dish to a full up meal.

As the soup was simmering I endeavoured to find a zucchini bread recipe. What I found was, well, BRILLIANT! Oh man. This bread/cake just came out of the oven and I am in awe.  It only uses 1 cup of zucchini which doesn’t put much of a dent in my heaping pile but that doesn’t matter because I am experiencing utter delight! Not only did I find this great recipe, I stumbled upon a really fantastic blog. What a day!

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This entry was posted on August 31, 2011 by in Savoury Recipes, Sweet Recipes.
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